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Try Construction Manager free for 7 days

The Construction Manager Product Tour is designed to give you 7 days to explore the benefits of the software, which you can do in your own time. With guided walkthroughs and instruction videos you will be able to see how much admin time Construction Manager can save you.

Contract Costs

See how to create contracts and link all associated costs for labour and material to a project. Ensure you can always see what you have spent and what you have invoiced for.


With a direct link into HMRC you will no longer need to manually input your CIS calculations. Automatically produce subcontractor certificates and statements as requested.

Applications and Retentions

Discover how Applications are produced without raising a VAT invoice and can include day works, variations and retention values. Keep track of outstanding balances and any retentions that are due.


See our short videos on how the system provides you with real-time reports on all of your project costings at the click of a button.

Prior to using Construction Manager keeping track of applications and retentions was a nightmare. The Construction Manager software pulls it all together and keeps the process of costing against contracts so much easier.

Billy Skipper – Shaun Matthias.

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