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RF Blount & Sons

Case Study

RF Blount & Sons has been serving their local community for over 70 years. Providing plumbing, heating and electrical works for domestic and commercial projects in Northants and surrounding areas. R.F. Blount & Sons has a proven track record by being entrusted with contracts from some of the world’s top companies such as, British American Tobacco, The Open University and Travis Perkins.


RF Blount & Sons have been JNC customers for over 7 years, using the whole range of our software; Construction Manager 50, Maintenance Manager 50 and Mobile Manager. Prior to this RF Blount & Sons were using paper job sheets, manual costings and manual invoicing.

Cindy Payne the Company Accountant tells us about the challenges she faced using a manual process ‘Paper job sheets were often lost, torn or illegible, it was easy to miss costs when calculating invoices, especially if the engineer did not list all materials used. There was a danger that the whole job would be missed from invoicing if the job sheet was lost’

Cindy also tell us of how time-consuming invoicing customers would be, having to manually work out all the costs associated with the invoice. All historical information would be paper based and filed away. The accounts team at RF Blount found it a hindered their process having to search through files to find the information requested by colleagues or customers. ‘WIP was almost impossible to work out given the quantity of paper and manual workings that were required.’


Initially RF Blount & Sons went out to market and looked at a few different solutions to find a job costing programme that would replace their current paper process. They decided to move forward with the full suite of JNC Solutions; Construction Manager 50, Maintenance Manager 50 and Mobile Manager with its seamless integration with Sage 50 Accounts.

When Cindy was asked what the main reason for choosing JNC over our competitors she told us, ‘The system seemed fairly user friendly and easy to pick up. The system solved all of the problems that we were then experiencing’. Cindy went on to tell us that JNC’s payment plans and pricing structure was another reason for choosing JNC’s software ‘At the time, JNC was unique as they were the only company with no monthly subscription cost – a one off fee covered everything.’

Since using JNC’s software the team at RF Blount & Sons find that they are now much more efficient, and invoicing is now more timely and accurate. ‘Using Construction Manager 50 and Maintenance Manager 50, our invoicing is faster and more accurate, plus historical (and current) data is easily available for all to see.’ Construction Manager 50 enables RF Blount & Sons to easily see financial breakdowns, WIP calculations and job costing information, and these can all be done quickly and accurately. Construction Manager 50 also seamlessly integrates with Sage Payroll. Cindy continued to say, ‘As Construction Manager 50 also integrates with Sage Payroll, this is now less laborious as time is all booked straight to payroll from being booked to the jobs.’

‘Because we can better analyse our working practices and procedures, we have been able to improve in the areas that we discovered were less efficient. We have reduced warranty call backs, improved cash flow and can produce departmental results with more accuracy. The staff at RF Blount & Sons adapted to JNC’s Software very well. There was some initial reluctance, particularly from engineers but they now see the benefits too. For example, we have to ring them far less often for job info. Also, customer queries are usually dealt with by means of the info on screen rather than by having to speak with the engineer. Office staff adapted very quickly’.

The reporting within Construction Manager 50 has enabled RF Blount & Sons to track expenditure, profit and accurately analyse their jobs, in a timely Manner. Maintenance and Mobile Manager has allowed field engineers to receive jobs via their mobile device and set a status to that job straight away, thus informing the staff in the office of who is doing what at any moment. The work done is also recorded in real time and relayed back to the office. Customers are able to provide a signature on the device which is also sent straight back to the office, meaning there is no need for, or loss of, paperwork. Once the information is received in to the office, data is backed up daily to our server for peace of mind.

We knew we needed a better solution for our mobile engineers. Maintenance Manager 50 and Mobile Manager has helped us to improve efficiency, reduce cost and ensure each step of the costing / invoicing process is implemented in good time with little or no errors. It has eliminated a lot of our paper processes which lessens back-office procedures and improves service to our customers as well.
Cindy Payne - Company Accountant
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