Job List

  • Allocate jobs to staff in real time
  • Automtically updated from Office
  • Shows jobs waiting to be done for each engineer
  • Job History available for a site
  • Out of hours jobs created on mobile

Job Details

  • Site Address linked to Google Maps
  • Site Contacts and phone nos
  • Work Instructions
  • Job Status – accepted, declined, travelling, on site, on hold, cancelled, complete
  • Office database updated live

Work Carried Out

  • Work Done recorded and updated in real time
  • Time on site and travelling recorded and Allocates Labour Costs to the job.
  • Customised forms for specific and detail data and reports
  • Print complete forms from office, eg Job Sheets , Gas Form


  • Allocate stock products used on job

Custom Forms

  • Customised forms can be built to record data from site and print and send out report

Photo Capture

  • Photos saved to office and allocated to the Mjob Number

Signature Capture

  • Customer and engineer signatures captured and saved to job