Maintenance Jobs – Service Desk

  • Job Details logged as they come in
  • Automatic Job Numbering
  • Priorities
  • Job Instructions.
  • Schedule of Rates
  • Custom Fields to accommodate specific user requirements
  • Allocate engineers to do the job.
  • Send Job details automatically to Mobile Manager

Engineer Visit Details

  • Status of each visit shown on screen
  • Automtically updated by Mobile Manager
  • Overdue visits shown in Red
  • SLA reporting

Job Cards

  • Job Card printed with instructions and details
  • Shows Transactions for Purchase Invoice and Labour against the new maintenance job you have just created.
  • Show Purchase Orders outstanding

Job Costing

  • All transactions booked to job
  • Details viewed on each job
  • Job Progess List shows sales, cost and profit / loss for all jobs


  • Automated invoicing from Job Sheet details
  • Fixed price, Product Invoice, cost plus or schedule of rates
  • Mark ups / invoice details can be amended
  • Invoice status tracked on each job
  • Multi job or single job invoices