Customers & Suppliers

  • Database linked directly to Sage so no need for duplicate entry.
  • Seamless Integration with Sage 50 so no need for duplicate entry
  • Statements include outstanding applications and invoices.
  • Subcontractors Verified online direct to HMRC
  • Statutory Insurance Details recorded
  • Labour Only subcontractors


  • New Contracts easily set up through a series of menu tabs
  • Terms of contract for retention and discount stored.
  • Multi Level Cost Structure with Tenders and Budgets.
  • User chooses detail of cost analysis.

Subcontractor Invoices

  • Fast batch entry of subcontractor invoices
  • CIS Tax automatically deducted.

Deductions for

  • Retention
  • Discount
  • CIS Tax
  • CITB Levy
  • Contra Charges ( other deductions )

Subcontractors Timesheets

  • Enter timesheet/worksheet details for each week.
  • Costs quickly allocated across several jobs each week
  • Automatic deductions for CIS Tax.

Job Costing

Construction Manager 50 provides a Job Management Reporting screen showing up to date Profit & Loss and Work In Progress for each job at the click of a button. There is no need to learn the whole system to view job costing information. Simply select a job and view it and the job summary screen provides sales and profit to date together with drill down to view full details of every transaction on the job. Ideal for Directors and Project Managers monitoring costs and preparing valuations, applications or customer invoices.

On screen summary display of;

  • Cost
  • Sales
  • Applications
  • Outstanding balances
  • Retentions
  • Profit
  • Committed Costs
  • Work in Progress


Job Costing

On screen detailed activity of;

  • Every transaction by Job
  • Cost Codes
  • Cost Categories
  • Tenders
  • Cost v Budgets
  • Committed costs

Output to Excel enables information to be analysed further or provided to people on site.


Payment Certificates

  • Full control of cumulative and previous values
  • Retention release and credit adjustments
  • CIS Tax automatically deducted

Deductions for

  • Retention
  • Discount
  • CIS Tax
  • CITB Levy
  • Contra Charges ( other deductions )

Applications For Payment

  • Applications from subcontractors entered immediately
  • Full control of cumulative and previous values
  • Application certified for agreed amount
  • Outstanding balances show liability on each job


  • Payment screen similar to Sage 50
  • Automatic Pay in Full or manual part payment
  • On line payments with Sage ebanking
  • Payments posted to Sage 50

CIS Returns

  • Monthly returns produced with a single click
  • Subcontractors statements produced automatically
  • On line submission directly to HMRC
  • History maintained

Purchase Invoices

Fast Batch Entry of purchase invoices as in Sage

Invoices booked to a job

Option to analyse costs with cost codes and tenders.

Invoices posted to Sage

Purchase Order Processing

Using Purchase Ordering improves control of purchases and cost analysis by providing advance information about cost overruns as soon as orders are raised.

  • 3 Types of order for suppliers, plant and sub contractors.
  • Supplier invoices produced from the order and delivery note
  • Sub Contract certificates or applications allocated to the order
  • Committed costs available on each job
  • Advance warning of cost overrun against budget and order

Labour Timesheets

For many companies with a direct labour force ( as opposed to sub contract labour ) keeping track of the labour cost is often the most important element and sometimes the most difficult. Construction Manager 50 provides a single point of entry for timesheets for Job Costing and payroll

  • Payroll integration enables single point of entry
  • Timesheets allocated to Jobs and Cost Codes
  • Costing allowance for National Insurance and Holiday pay
  • Flexibility to use as input to payroll or as a cost allocation operation
  • Automatic Adjustment to match true pay cost

Sales Applications

Keeping track of applications and retentions is crucial to managing a construction business. However this is very difficult to achieve in a standard accounts program. Construction Manager 50 will improve cash flow through a full suite of application and retention tracking facilities.

  • Applications produced without raising a VAT invoice
  • Enter cumulative or current values
  • Variations and Dayworks
  • Retentions and discount
  • Outstanding balances against all applications
  • Schedule enables the details of the claim and valuation to be prepared and printed to support the application

Sales Certificates

  • Application certified to match customers payment certificate
  • Sales Invoice Posted to Sage
  • Cumulative and Current amounts stored
  • Variations and Dayworks
  • Retentions and discount
  • Certified Invoice Produced

Sales Invoices

Many companies produce both applications for payment and standard sales invoices depending on the customer and the nature of the job. Construction Manager enables standard sales invoices to be produced and the revenue is allocated to the job.

Standard sales invoices are allocated to jobs and printed.

For jobs where applications for payment are not required.


  • Displays unpaid invoiced as in Sage 50
  • Receipts posted to Sage