Maintenance Manager Video

JNC Solutions have been developing construction specific software for over 25 years. All our solutions have been developed specifically for smaller businesses across the Construction Industry. All of our software is fully integrated with Sage50 and designed with a similar look and feel the software is easy to use and quick to deploy. Essential for companies introducing new systems and technology.


With Maintenance Manager 50’s Service desk, full job details are logged as soon as they are received. The Job is automatically assigned a job number for ease of referencing throughout the job and your schedule of rates are set up within the system enable you to quickly complete full job details. A detailed job card is then issued via the Mobile Manager app to your onsite workers. A Real time status is provide back to the office for visit status including travel ,labour time and overdue visits are also flagged.

Mobile Manager 50 enables you to allocate jobs to staff in real time and also receive up to date feedback on job status. Mobile users are sent job details with the address linked to Google maps enabling them to swiftly calculate the best travel route. Mobile users are also able to create additional jobs that may arise when onsite and add stock products used against each job undertaken. Photos and signatures are captured and sent back to the office with all job information required. Custom forms are able to be created for dynamic risk assessment and servicing certificates including Gas and Electric certificates and Customer satisfaction forms.

“We needed a better solution for transferring information to our mobile technicians. Mobile manager has helped us improve efficiency, ensuring our technicians get the information they require to carry out the work, and the back office gets the information it requires. This has enabled our customers to get the information they require faster.”

Dominic Snook at Meddo Limited